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Hi everyone,
I’m Bill, Fastbuilder Operations Director

Recently, the epidemic in Taiwan has been heating up, and the Taipei City Government and the New Taipei City Government have announced a new policy.
Restaurants and many industries have to keep tracks and logg of customers , otherwise they cannot operate their business. We found that there are many elders and business owner who have many concerns in the face of Contact-information Registration Form and mostly are because they are not familiar with technology.
Someone earlier suggested that if you use paper and pen to record, it might happen that a pen touches thousands of people, causing the spread of the epidemic.

Fastbuilder, as a start-up technology company, hopes that at this special moment, Contribute to the strengths of small and medium-sized enterprises, If at this moment you find that nearby merchants have a demand for " Contact-information Registration Form" and a demand for QRcode

Please call now: 02-66057270 Or fill in the application form below
We will provide free form making There is no limit for this section, I only hope that it can help everyone to continue their business, and be sucessful keep making income during the epidemic.

Thank you, Bill

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